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You guys should follow one of my favorite humans on tumblr, He’s an amazing artist and cosplayer, and he’s super adorable. He lost his first account -which had over 28,000 followers, a bunch of his art and pics of his cosplays that might not be recovered- and his new account (the one I stated above) as almost 1,000 followers, but he deserves to have all 28,000 back. ATTACK ON TITAN FANS! He cosplays Levi, as you can tell, and he does an amazing job at it. So go follow!!! #gehe #arseniksofficial #tumblr #attackontitan #aot #shingekinokyojin #snk #anime #cosplay #levirivialle #captainlevi #corporallevi #follow #fanart

Guys please signal boost this if you can! It’s incredibly fucking important. He not only lost 28,000 followers (which is a fuckload), he lost all the people he followed, his tumblr friends, and a lot of his cosplay and artwork. Imagine losing ALL of your blog’s content with no promise of ever getting it back; it would suck pretty bad. As of now he has around 5,000 followers but let’s boost this post so all of his followers on his original account see it and follow him at arseniksofficial.

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